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CNC Gantry Milling Machines for all your needs

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    CNC Gantry Milling Machines for all your needs

    GK Kraft/Skymaster offers you a comprehensive range of high-quality new CNC milling machine. First-class milling machines and the corresponding service are trademarks of our company.

    You can select from CNC mills with X-way up to 6m and Y-way up to 3,2m. The spindle of the machine is from swiss maker IBAG. The spindle speed can vary from 6000, 8000 to 10.000 rpm and even more upon request. Big servo motors are used from Siemens or Heidenhain with high cutting performance and torque. The columns, table, base and cross beam of every single CNC milling machine are made heat treated and strongly ribbed casting for extensive stability. FEM method is used for optimization of the structure of each CNC mill.

    Complex milling operations with our CNC milling machine

    With our CNC milling machine, the most diverse work tasks can be realized very efficiently. Milling with one of our CNC milling machine as Gantry version is highly productive and precise. The work can be performed economically in ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as other materials. Especially in the machining of brass, aluminum, cast resin, acrylic and plastics, a CNC milling machine such as our model VF can be used excellently. But also for rough cutting, the VM series is strong and reliable. The high precision and universal applicability as well as a simple programming of our CNC milling machine with Siemens, Fanuc or Heidenhain controller enable the perfect part production.

    User-friendly controls from Heidenhain or Siemens and Fanuc have special programs that are tailored to the needs of your mold design. With these special programs, filigree engraving, special milling cuts, simultaneous milling and extremely complex milling structures can be realized. Just ask us about the special options, so that your CNC milling machine model construction is optimally equipped.

    Service and spare parts for the CNC mill

    In case of machine breakdown, you can trust us. We have an extensive stock with spare parts in case the machine need to be repaired. Our service is shortly available to bring the CNC milling machine back in production. Further, in the first 24 months, you have warranty from the CNC control manufacturer such as Siemens, Fanuc or Heidenhain.