CNC milling machine – bridge type VM2000

  • The column and the beam were intergraded together to provide the best dynamic rigidity and precision stability.
  • The worktable’s length wise is parallel to the beam, create the most suitable length-width ratio.
  • The spindle was driven by dual gear box from Europe, make sure it has the quickest response time and the lowest vibration.
  • Extra long X axis travel, easy for customer to add attachment head , extend the working range.
  • Unique opposite angle two door design with foot rest aside of the worktable makes load and unload the work piece much easier.
  • German made hanging type operation box with protecting door on the right side, easy for operation and tool change.
  • Equipped with fully automatic coil type and chain type chip conveyer. Chip collecting point is located at the back of the machine. Efficient, environmental friendly and clean.
  • The machine is operated via an operator’s panel, designed by Sky Master and made in Taiwan.

CNC Milling Machine specifications and technical parameters:

CNC systemFANUC 0i MF
TravelX Travelmm1300
Y Travelmm1900
Z Travelmm800
Distance from spindle nose to center of tablemm180-980
Distance between two columnmm1840
Distance from table to floormm880
TableTable sizemm1650×1300
Max. load on tablekg4000
T slot size(quantity/width/distance)mm22×180×7
SpindleSpindle taperBT50
Max. spindle speedrpm6000
Spindle motor power (continual working /30 mins)kW15/18.5
Max spindle torqueN.m526
Rapid travel on (X/Y/Z)
Cutting federate (X/Y/Z)mm/min1~10000
ATC (Option)ATC typeARM type ATC
Tool capacityPCS24
Max. tool diametermmφ110/φ220
Max. tool lengthmm350
Max. tool weightkg15
Air pressureMPa0.6~0.8
Supply voltage & frequencyV/HzAC  3φ 380/50
Power requirementkVA60
 Machine size(L×W×H)mm4900×4160×4339
Machine weightkg18000

Configuration table:

FANUC 0i MF absolute type
Siemens 828/840
Ethernet DNC machining
AICC II, fine mould package, machining condition selecting
Rigid tapping
Full enclosed splash guard
6000RPM BT50 spindle
Direct dirven spindle 10000rpm BBT50×
Spindle air sealing
Air blowing device
Working area light
3 colors warming light
Electric cabinet heat exchanger
Portable MPG
Coolant system
Lubrication system/Pneumatic system
Adjustable level bolts and foundation Blocks
Coilchip conveyor
Chain chip conveyor
Tool box
Air gun/Water gun flushing function
Automatically power off
Spindle chiller
BF gear box
Z axis travel change to 1m
Full-enclosed splash guard with top cover
Column rise 200mm
Column rise 300mm
Arm type ATC
3D coordinate system rotation
Oil-feed tool shank port
Coolant through spindle center×
4th & 5th axis
linear scale
Measuring system (tool, workpiece)
Attachment milling head
Rotation storage for attachment head
3 axis thermal compensation
Electric cabinet AC
Voltage stabilizer
●Standard ○Option ×Not available