VL700A Machine technical characteristic

VL700A Machine technical characteristic 

All cast parts have gone through multiple software analysis, and a stress ageing treatment to release residual stress (two thermal and one vibration ageing treatment), the great rigidity from the casting part ensures the machine’s good accuracy and stableness.

The 11/15kw spindle electric servo motor has better power and torque compare to similar product from other brands. It provides great cutting rigidity.

The spindle equipped with the unclamping cylinder, decrease shocks and impacts act on the spindle, ensure the accuracy as long as possible.

Shoulder carrying type ATC with small deformation and short tool change time. Fully closed tool magazine cover protect the ATC system from metal chips damage.

The Z axis use a extra powerful electric motor, eliminate the balance weight and extra electric current, it can increase the reaction speed of all three axes and accuracy when change direction.

All axes use high rigidity P grade ball type guide way. This type of linear guide way has good heavy loading performance, low wear, high accuracy also can bear load from every direction as long as it acts on the cross section.

The machine was fully covered by the protection shield. The protection shield was designed according to human body geometry, safe, visually pleasing and easy to operate.

The lubrication and pneumatic system are from Japanese brand SHOWA and SMC. Those two systems were located at the left hand side, back of the machine, easy for observation and maintenance.

The machine equipped with chain chip conveyor, clean chips efficiently and safely apothekeschweizer.de. There is a CE protection shield at the chip exit point with emergency button, protect the operator from danger.

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